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The Deer Parade at The Horse Shoe Farm – Asheville Wildlife

Oh, Deer – Asheville Wildlife! … You Certainly Know How to Put on a Good Show.

There is no better way to wake up in the morning then to grab a cup of coffee, head out to your porch, and see Asheville wildlife in full display. That’s exactly what happened here. Recent guests staying at The Stable House at The Horse Shoe Farm, were able to capture this magical video during their visit and couldn’t help by share it with us.

A common occurrence on early mornings at The Horse Shoe Farm. This family of deer parades across the pastures gracefully leaping over the fences as they make their way to The Watering Hole for breakfast. While I’ve witnessed this spectacle numerous times, I can’t tell you how taken aback I am every time I see it. There is nothing more beautiful than animals living peacefully in their natural habitat.

Since we’ve taken over The Horse Shoe Farm, we’ve been working diligently to create a sanctuary for all animals, both wild and domesticated. While it ultimately takes time to earn the trust of animals, seeing stunning videos like this show that our goal of creating a safe container for all creatures is working and that that energy is being felt by everyone in the animal kingdom.