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Farming in Asheville – The Art of the Cockfight

Who Said Farming in Asheville Was Easy (No One). Apparently, cockfights are a real thing… that happen spontaneously on there own.

One of the reasons we bought The Horse Shoe Farm was so that we could turn it back into a classical working farm. After all, farming in Asheville is supposed to be an easy thing. We wanted to fill the pastures with Old McDonald’s animals and start to reconnect with the land and where our food comes from. Obviously, we are just beginning the farm life journey, so when two stunning heritage roosters showed up in need of a home this winter, we jumped at the opportunity to welcome them in. I mean nothing screams farm more than a rooster (especially in the morning) … cock-a-doodle-do.

Two Best Friends Arrive

We were thrilled when Mr. Bojangles and Parker moved in. Not only were they beautiful representations of the rooster race, with well-coiffed white, brown, and metallic feathers, but they took a liking to The Horse Shoe Farm instantly. We set up them up right by The Silo Cookhouse in their own little hen house. They crowed in the early AM, de-wormed the grasslands, and sat on the barn roofs every evening.  These two best friends were inseparable and thriving as the first edition’s to our family farm. We were anxiously looking forward to spring so we could introduce some ladies to the party and have fresh eggs.

Well… let this be a learning lesson for everyone. When two males, best friends or not, are unable to let off steam (in an appropriate fashion), they seem to take it out each other. Enter… the COCKFIGHT. I’ll spare you the gory details, as none of us were witness to it, but we when we found Parker, he was standing victoriously over Mr. Bojangles’, warm, lifeless body. And he was proud.

At least we know who the alpha is now, I hope he doesn’t have stage fright when his ladies arrive next week. And now we know…TIP # 1 for farming, make sure everyones need are met.

RIP Mr. Bojangles

Farm Life on The Horse Shoe Farm., Asheville NC