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“Without History There Would Be No Future”

The Horse Shoe “HOBBY” Farm – Meet the Mullis’

At The Horse Shoe Farm we like to honor our history. I get a lot of inquiries about the family who owned The Horse Shoe Farm before us. Generally, their curiosity peaks when they walk into one of the 6,000 square foot barns and wonder what in the world they were used for.

The simple answer is CARS.

The complex answer is… I think… vintage Corvettes, Chevy’s, motorcycles, trucks, mechanic and auto shops, 60’s sock hops, arcades, and so on and so forth… I’m sure you get you the picture.

Seemed like a full blown hobby automobile farm nestled in arguably the most bucolic setting you can find. Can’t say it would have been my first choice for the use of the farm, but hey, why not. What I find most fascinating is how people spend their time and resources, and I love how things transform over time when those are utilized in different fashions by different groups.

While it’s hard to piece all the info together of the Mullis family, I’ve met countless people who speak of their generosity and the fun they had coming out to the farm. From countless car shows to good ole country shindigs, the farm seemed to be a place that was offering a good time to any and all.
My deep dive down the internet relieved a treasure trove of images and videos from that time period. Below is an array of those that that piqued my interest.

This is a great piece if you have 6 minutes. It’s a Michael Brown piece that was shot for Speedvision. It is quite comprehensive and seems to appear in almost all the articles I’ve found of the farm.

Article on their corvette collection