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What’s in a name – The Horse Shoe (Horseshoe) Farm

Check the dictionary Horse Shoe is one word – Horseshoe.

I wish I can take credit for being the renegade that took the commonly used word horseshoe (correct way) and split it into two.  Sadly I cannot. Our name, The Horse Shoe Farm, comes from the area we are located in, Horse Shoe, NC (two words). Horse Shoe is part of the town of Hendersonville, NC.  While it’s unclear why this rural enclave decided to split the word up (I have my own speculations),  it’s a unique little deviation that sure does make us special.

The area calls itself Horse Shoe because of the “Big Bend” in the French Broad River that makes it way right through the center of here. The Horse Shoe Farm sits at the tail end of that horseshoe shape. There’s a blurb about it in the ABOUT US section of our website.

And here is a visual of what the horseshoe looks like – thanks Google maps!

The horseshoe bend in the French Broad River near The Horse Shoe Farm

Also, here is an article – (  – that dives into the deep-rooted history of Horse Shoe, NC. It doesn’t waste any time jumping on the reason why the area is called Horse Shoe and acknowledging the mystery of its spelling.

“Deeds as early as 1783 refer to the “Great Bend In the river,” below the “Big Bend” and along the “horseshoe bend” of the French Broad River. Therefore, it was only logical to name a community along this bend Horse Shoe. Yes, it is spelled with two words. No explanation has yet been located why the spelling is two words instead of one word.”

Whether the spelling is correct or not, it’s a little late in the game to change it. SO we’ve decided to embrace it. We ARE The Horse Shoe Farm , not The Horseshoe Farm… it’s our history, after all, so deal with it.