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Boost your New Year with these four wellness tips!

Setting intentions or goals at the start of a new year is a time-honored tradition that we value. It’s a great way to take stock, re-evaluate, and hone in on ways to fully show up for ourselves and others. Though this is a practice we feel should be integrated throughout the entire year, there’s something to be said for the freshness and renewal of a new year. The collective energy that everyone brings to the start of a year makes it easier to reflect on and refine the way we spend our time.

At The Horse Shoe Farm, we believe that it’s more important to set goals that are easy to keep and contribute to a holistic lifestyle that allows you to thrive. That’s why we came up with these simple but powerful tips to boost your new year and support you wherever you are on your wellness journey.

Enrich the body and mind through movement and meditation

Yoga & Meditation at The Horse Shoe Farm

Many folks start off the year with the goal of getting back into shape or improving their overall health and wellbeing. Taking the time to tune into what your body and mind need in order to feel and look your best is an important part of self-care.

Two of our favorite self-care methods are by enjoying a movement and meditation practice. For movement, we recommend a yoga practice for stress management and to support overall strength and flexibility. Yoga is also known to aid in circulation and heart health! Guests staying at The Horse Shoe Farm can attend a group yoga class in The Sanctuary. Alternatively, we offer private lessons for those looking for a little extra support. We also, occasionally hold dance and other types of movement workshops and our classes are open to all levels of capabilities.

A healthy body is best supported by a healthy mind. There are many benefits to meditation ranging from reducing stress and anxiety to finding inner peace, to increasing self-awareness. The beauty of meditating is that anyone can practice it and find ways to integrate it into their life. If you are a novice and aren’t quite sure where to start, there are plenty of resources online to guide you on your journey.

At The Horse Shoe Farm, we lead daily meditation circles in The Silo. Guests can join in on one of our guided meditations or sit solo in the space, dedicated to finding inner peace. We also have a meditative walking path, The Labyrinth, for those who are interested in a combined movement and meditation experience.

Ask us about attending or hosting a wellness retreat at The Horse Shoe Farm!

Pamper yourself

The Stable Spa. A day spa in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Do you find that you rarely carve out time for yourself? We get it, life gets busy! Between work, social functions, family matters, and everything in between- finding time to pamper yourself can get pushed to the bottom of the list. But it’s an integral part of having a healthy mental and emotional state. One easy thing you can do is, treat yourself to a spa day once a month! Getting a massage, facial, or energy treatment can aid in releasing toxins and overall stress.

Looking for a unique spa experience in the Hendersonville/ Asheville, North Carolina area?  At The Stable Spa, we offer an array of immersive spa treatments that will nourish your mind and body, in a soulful setting! Our one-of-a-kind converted barn, spa experience is perfect for those looking to detox in a serene environment. Indulge with one of our treatments inspired by the nature of the Blue Ridge Mountains, like the Lavender Fields massage or get a little extra love with our Four Hand Healing Massage!

Guests can stop in for the day, or rent out the entire spa for a girls weekend or special event. If you are local to the area or dropping in for the day, you can take advantage of all that our farm has to offer before or after your service, by enjoying our nature hikes, river sports, The Farmhouse, and so much more. After your treatment, you’ll be so cozy and relaxed, you might even decide to stay the night in one of our luxury vacation homes.

Treat yourself to a spa weekend at The Stable Spa! 

Spend more time in nature

Nature and hiking trails at The Horse Shoe Farm

It’s no surprise we are big fans of mother nature here at The Horse Shoe Farm. Our 80-acre property sits on some of the most pristine lands in North Carolina. We are surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and right next to the French Broad River. From our miles of nature trails for hiking and walking to fishing and river sports, we make it easy for guests to take advantage of the great outdoors.

We do this not only because our property naturally lends itself to such offerings but because we believe in the healing power of nature. There are scientific benefits to being in nature including improved memory, reduced inflammation, increased energy, and so much more! Even spending 10 minutes out in nature can improve your mood and overall well being.

If you’d like to get an even deeper understanding of nature and its benefits, we can guide you on a twilight earthing or forest bathing session.  

Start your day with more fruits and veggies!

The Juice Bar at The Horse Shoe Farm

You’ve heard it your whole life but it really is true…a little green goes a long way! That’s why we love to start the day with a fresh squeezed green juice. The fiber, the antioxidants- there’s a lot of reasons to kick start the morning with some greens. Hey, you need 2.5 cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruit a day anyway, might as well get your daily intake with a tasty and refreshing juice!

During your stay at The Horse Shoe Farm, be sure and stop by The Juice Bar in the morning for a fresh juice made on the spot in our Silo Cookhouse!

The Horse Shoe Farm in Hendersonville, North Carolina is truly a wonderful place to unwind and rejuvenate for a wellness getaway. Our stunning 80-acre property is available for entire farm book-outs and we offer several venues for events, celebrations, and more. Contact us to book your wellness retreat, spa weekend, or family vacation today!