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Halloween Activities near Hendersonville NC

Halloween in Hendersonville, NC, is an unforgettable experience. Locals and visitors alike enjoy celebrating Halloween with trick-or-treating, exploring the terror trails, and shopping several costume shops. Although Hendersonville is best known for its several hair-raising haunted attractions. Luckily, The Horse Shoe Farm is located near several popular attractions, so you’ll never have to travel far!

The Haunted Farm

Before The Haunted Farm earned its title of the best haunted house in North Carolina, its grounds were once used as fighting ground for the Lively and Tate families. These families were in a blood feud for so long that no one is alive to explain why their dispute began. Some people say their fight was over access to Clear Creek, a water sourced near Hendersonville, NC. Guests from all over visit The Haunted Farm after hearing the stories. Today, we can relive the spooky tale through the farm’s three attractions: The Woods, The Farm, and The Haunted Hayride. Each attraction offers a unique set of scary characters. Are you brave enough to survive these Halloween activities?

Ghost Hunters of Asheville

Immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit with Ghost Hunters of Asheville. This Halloween attraction is the only interactive ghost tour around, and we’re sure you’ll have the best experience. Your guides will provide professional equipment and training on how to use Dowsing Rods, Spirit boxes, EVP Recording, EMF Meters, and Ambient Temperature Thermometers. If you’re unable to participate in the Ghost Hunters of Asheville experience this year, don’t worry; ghost hunting tours are available all year.

LaZoom Comedy Tour: “True-ish Crimes”

For a light-hearted approach at an Asheville haunted bus tour, check out LaZoom’s Haunted Comedy Tour. Every night in October, guides parade around Asheville uncovering the town’s most gruesome, true crimes. The tour explores Hell’s Half Acre and several famous murder spots around historic downtown. Since this bus allows alcoholic beverages onboard and comedy is involved, the Haunted Comedy Tour lends itself to be more light-hearted than other Halloween attractions. This attraction only allows guests above 17-years-old to ride the Haunted Comedy Tour Bus.

The Horse Shoe Farm

Now that you’ve scared yourself silly with our favorite Halloween activities, head back to your comfortable, ghost-free room at The Horse Shoe Farm. Take advantage of our onsite spa; it’s recognized as the best spa in all of Asheville and Hendersonville. This intimate, luxurious lodging facility will certainly become a stay that you’ll never forget! To learn more information, visit our website, or give us a call at 877-393-3034.