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The Top 4 Hiking Trails Near Asheville NC

There’s a good chance that you chose to stay with us at The Horse Shoe Farm because you love being out in nature. Our cozy, bucolic rentals place you in a North Carolinian countryside paradise with rolling meadows and rich forestry over a backdrop of mountain scenery. While you’re here, you’ll definitely want to go out and explore the best hiking trails near Asheville. 

Why Go Hiking in North Carolina?

North Carolina’s Appalachia landscape makes it a hotspot for hikers of all ages. In fact, as a retreat center in North Carolina, hitting up nearby trails around here has become quite the commodity. When you’re here, consider taking a look at the top hiking trails near Asheville. There’s bound to be a trail that suits your fancy near our serene resort near Asheville, NC. 

1. Mount Mitchell Summit & Balsam Nature Trail

Take your favorite furry friend on this quick, one-mile trail around the Mount Mitchell Summit & Balsam Nature Trail. The views from this trail are unparalleled; however, if you happen to hike on a day when the fog rolls in on the Balsam Nature Trail, you’re in for a surreal experience. One moment, you’re walking a beautiful North Carolina trail. The next, you’re in a fantasy film on a daring quest. 

2. Rattlesnake Lodge

Just off the Blueridge Parkway, you’ll find the Rattlesnake Lodge, a leftover structure from an early 20th-century estate. On this four-mile hike to the Rattlesnake Lodge, you’ll encounter a luscious, hardwood forest and stone masonry ruins. If you’re curious about the lodge’s history, do a little reading on the original owner, Chase Ambler, Jr

3. Catawba Falls

Catawba Falls is the place to go if you’re looking for a trail with a gorgeous, scenic waterfall. Meander through the beautiful Pisgah National Forest to this multi-tiered waterfall. You’ll leave feeling utterly refreshed. 

4. Mt Cammerer

For you experienced hikers out there, Mt Cammerer provides a bit more of a challenge and some exquisite views! Spanning over 12 miles roundtrip, the hike up Mt Cammerer makes for an excellent, all-day hike or an enjoyable overnight backpacking escapade. It’s exceptionally beautiful in the summertime when the rhododendron have fully bloomed. 

Explore The Numerous Hiking Trails Near Asheville

If you’re researching things to do at your vacation rental near Asheville, NC, make sure you add “hiking” to your list. Regardless of what kind of trail you’d prefer, you’re sure to find something you like. You’re sure to leave feeling totally refreshed and rejuvenated after spending countless hours out in the wondrous North Carolina wilderness. For more information on hiking trails near Asheville, feel free to contact us at any time.