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Spend a Dat at The Horse Shoe Farm’s Stable Spa

The Horse Shoe Farm is nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. Its on-site wellness spa, The Stable Spa, is ideal for those looking for true serenity and peace near Asheville, NC. This river-front estate boasts a renovated barn that is now an unrivaled spa experience—whilst also having a variety of luxury accommodations perfect for a true retreat. So, do you want to know what you’ll be up to during your getaway at The Stable Spa?

A Variety of Spa Treatments

Everyone has their preferences regarding relaxation at the spa—and The Horse Shoe Farm’s resort near Asheville covers everything. Treatments range from massages to targeted work to address any aches and pains and herbal body immersion wraps. Many folks return time and time again for the acupuncture treatments aimed at various areas across the body. Take it to the next level by adding multiple enhancements to your day, including Ayurvedic scalp oils, warm basalt stones, facial serum, and much more.

Retreats and Programs

The expert team at The Stable Spa provides various retreats and workshops that aim to create a better you. Our primary focus is on revitalization and wellness, using natural methods throughout every treatment. Whether you are just looking to escape for half a day or even up to four days, there is something available for everyone’s taste. Mini-retreats often include a private class, wellness massage, and a catered lunch. Access to the grounds is, of course, also included in each retreat and workshop.

Wellness Classes

The Stable Spa also boasts an extensive array of wellness classes to help revitalize you during your stay. This even includes Qi Gong—an ancient Chinese exercise involving meditation, movement exercises, and controlled breathing to help heal the body. Add on as many wellness sessions as you would like during your visit to reach a new level of relaxation.

If you want to make the most out of your escape, why not stay at The Horse Shoe Farm? There’s nothing quite like a luxury stay at Horse Shoe, boasting the facilities of a five-star hotel. With rustic dining options, stunning surroundings, and a luxurious atmosphere, it is memorable from start to finish. To book your stay at The Horse Shoe Farm, visit our website.