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3 Best Books To Read During Your Asheville, NC Weekend Getaway

Asheville, NC, is an incredible place to explore and enjoy during a brief weekend getaway. Start a new weekly tradition with your friends and loved ones, and leave your worries behind during your weekend getaways! Nestled against the Southern Appalachians, Asheville is known for its great hospitality, vibrant arts and architecture scene, and so much more.


You and yours deserve some rejuvenation and joy, all of which you can indulge at The Horse Shoe Farm located near Hendersonville, NC. We are happy to help you reconnect with nature, dine on delicious farm-to-table meals, and relax in a wellness-centric environment. Our comfortable luxury farm accommodations provide our guests with quaint, rustic homes away from home. During your Asheville, NC, weekend getaway, reach peak levels of relaxation by enjoying some reading. Check out our following list of the best books to read during your stay—

My Asheville, NC Weekend Getaway is All Booked!

Every year, the National Book Foundation, a nonprofit organization, nominates a select number of books for their National Book Award. It is ultimately a celebration of American literature and exposes readers to a whole new world of books! Vox staff have already gone through and read the 25 nominated books, selecting their publication’s favorite. We have narrowed that list to the top three books to fill a weekend getaway—

  1. Zorrie by Laird Hunt

This slim book is the perfect item to just slip into your getaway bag. The story centers on a woman searching for her place in the world while living in rural Indiana. You’ll be able to feel connected to the novel’s setting as you sit out on the grassy fields that make up The Horse Shoe Farm.

  1. Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

The Washington Post has called this a “superb novel!” Doerr weaves in the magic of childhood storytelling, nostalgia, and opposing timelines. You will be whisked away to whole new worlds and maybe even lose yourself.

  1. Tastes Like War: A Memoir by Grace M. Cho

Cho’s memoir explores how food and memory are linked. When you consume a dish during your weekend getaway, this book will make you stop and contemplate the history and trauma that went into the recipes’ creation. Her personal memories related to food are extremely telling of the immigrant experience in America.

Read the day away at the gorgeous Horse Shoe Farmbook your Asheville, NC, weekend getaway with us online today!