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Destination Reunions

If you have been handed the responsibility of planning a reunion, then you have plenty of work to do. This could be a high school reunion, family reunion, or even a work reunion to bring everyone together. Reunions of any kind hold a lot of value; it is always a nice idea to gather people together just to catch up and to create a much stronger bond amongst the attendees. The Horse Shoe Farm located in Hendersonville North Carolina offers an 85-acre riverfront estate filled with activities and fun for everyone who will be joining the reunion. In this article, we will discuss the variety of options offered at The Horse Shoe Farm and why this is the perfect spot for your destination reunion in the Asheville area.

Destination Reunion, Hendersonville NC

Things to do at The Horse Shoe Farm

Your reunion may be filled with guests who are of all ages and have different interests. Do not worry we have you covered on fun activities for your destination reunion. The Horse Shoe Farm offers Ball Fields, Bike Paths, Bonfire areas, Event centers, Farm Animals, Fishing, Game room, Gift Shop, Labyrinth, Dining, Organic Gardens, Water Sports, Spa Treatments, Yoga, and walking trails. Needless to say, everyone will be pleased with the options they have to choose from, and if anything they may not have time to enjoy all that we have to offer on the farm.

For the Kids

Let’s be honest, kids need constant entertainment. It helps a child develops his skills and helps him learn new things. Entertainment and recreation also give parents a chance to have a rest from their children while they are busy with their entertainment activities. Here at The Horse Shoe Farm located in Hendersonville North Carolina, we have much to keep your little one occupied. Let the kids plan some fun ball games to play on the ball fields, and then plan a day for them to enjoy catching their first, and you can end the night by the bonfire to share all you have done that day.

For the Men

Men are usually easy to please if they have some friends to talk to. The men can start their day off by getting together and doing some yoga after breakfast. Then they can go and enjoy some fishing and water sports together. Ending their night by visiting the game room to play some friendly matches with their friends.

For the women

As women all we really want is some peace and quiet, you can find that here. Start the day with a nice walk along our walking trails, then go take some time to enjoy some mediation. For the middle of the day treat yourself to the spa where you can receive a much-needed massage, Transformative Therapy, Foot Therapy, Body Treatments, Acupuncture, and be introduced to new innovative therapies. End your relaxing day with your friends by the fire roasting marshmallows and reminiscing about the old times.

The biggest part of planning a destination reunion is making sure everyone will love the venue you have picked and making your life easier, so you do not have to plan out everyone’s daily activities. If you do not want to split up during the day, the best part about our venue is that the activities can be done as a group.

The Horse Shoe Farm; Destination Reunions

The Horse Shoe Farm proudly offers the best venue for a destination reunion filled with endless options for everyone. Contact us today to book your destination reunion in the Asheville area.