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Family Reunion Destinations

The past few years have not been without their challenges; on the heels of the global pandemic, we’re all a little hungry to reconnect with those we hold dear. With the mask mandates finally being lifted in various regions across the United States, there has perhaps never been a better time for a family reunion!

In this article, we will address the perfect family reunion destinations for your circumstances as well as reasons to plan some extra time into your vacation for exploring the local area.

Why Have a Family Reunion?

Even though our family might get on our nerves at times, they are the people in our lives that will always be a part of us, come what may. If you were on the fence about gathering everyone together for one reason or another, consider the following:

  • Family reunions provide unmatched quality time. If you are looking to build lasting memories with your loved ones, family reunions provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the furthest reaches of your lineage a little better and see how the relatives do things. This is especially called for after dealing with COVID-19!
  • Give old and new family members and opportunity to spend time together. This is not only good for the soul, but it teaches the kids about growing older while reconnecting them with their roots. This is great fun for the elders in your family too, who get to enjoy bite-sized amounts of the family children’s energy without any of the associated headache.
  • It’s fun. Even if Uncle Phil starts spouting inflammatory political rhetoric, a well-planned family reunion offers fun activities in an enjoyable setting. This is an opportunity to leave work, politics, and drama aside and focus on your core values—like having a good time!

How to Choose the Perfect Family Reunion Destination

Planning for your big family reunion takes a little more consideration than simply finding the central location for all your relatives—factors like accommodations, area attractions, and cost of travel factor in as well. Here are some of the top things to keep in mind when selecting from several family reunion destinations:

  1. Can the venue accommodate everyone comfortably? To answer this question, you must first get a headcount of how many people can make the trip. Make sure you book an event space that can cater to everyone, from places to rest their head to extra considerations like wheelchair ramps, entertainment, and power supply.
  2. Is there entertainment for folks of all ages? This is especially important to consider if you are planning a family reunion to last the course of several days. The last thing you want is for Aunt Fanny to get bored and start picking on her husband—keeping people occupied with activities keeps your family reunion positive while making lasting memories for years to come. Look for venues that offer opportunities for people to break away and do their own thing, but also come together for fun on occasion.
  3. What time of year works best for everyone? If you can all get together in July, plan for warm-weather activities like a Lake Day, water park excursion, or cruise. Try to plan seasonally-appropriate activities along with your family reunion, including recommending a cozy place to stay in the cooler months.
  4. How much notice can you provide? If you’re planning a giant family reunion in 2030, you might have more time to plan and save up for a big trip. The more notice you can provide your family, the better—but this isn’t to say that there haven’t been successful no-frills, last-minute family reunions!
  5. Can everyone afford the trip? Call a venue you’re interested in ahead of time to see if they offer any specials or discounts. It also helps to look for places that accommodate multiple people at once so you can split the cost of housing, like The Horse Shoe Farm in Hendersonville, NC. If you’re still worried about everyone being able to afford the trip, plan far out in advance so folks can save money to make it.

As you have likely gathered, the further out you can plan your family reunion, the more room in the budget you are likely to have. This means more activities, more play, and more fun—so start planning now for your next big family reunion!

Why Hendersonville, NC?

Just under two hours outside of Charlotte, NC, Hendersonville offers all the natural beauty North Carolina has to offer with some of the comforts that come from more highly populated areas. There is something for everyone in Hendersonville; from hiking near waterfalls to fine dining, families can find something to enjoy at any time of year in this thriving city—even pets are welcome!

Family Reunion Destinations

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