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Family Reunion Venue

Booking a place for your family reunion may seem like an impossible task. Luckily The Horse Shoe Farm located in Hendersonville North Carolina offers you the perfect venue where everyone will be happy and have something to do that suits them. Family reunions can connect the next generation to their past. From kids hearing stories about the family history and trying recipes that have been passed down over the years, family reunions help kids form identities about who they are. No one loves you more or drives you crazier than family. A family reunion is a celebration of that love and connection. These gatherings give everyone a chance to take a break from work and school, spend some quality time together and remember what’s uniquely wonderful about being part of the same family. Family time offers many benefits, including building confidence, creating a stronger emotional bond between family members, improving communication skills, better performance in school, and reduced behavioral issues, as well as providing an opportunity to make memories built on fun, laughter, and togetherness. Family reunions provide a unique window in time that allows one to rekindle those youthful experiences, strengthen relationships, and express and share the love within the family.

How to plan the perfect Family Reunion

When you are planning a family reunion the first step you need to take is where you’re going to have the reunion. The horseshoe farm offers the perfect venue for your family reunion. Horseshoe Farm is in Hendersonville North Carolina, offering plenty of space and accommodations. There are a variety of packages available for your reunion. From the moment you step onto the farm, you will instantly feel at ease and be able to relax and just enjoy yourself. Enjoy, field games, barbecues, spa treatments, and total relaxation while reconnecting as a family. The benefit of booking the venue at The Horse Shoe Farm is that there is something for everyone to enjoy while you are there. There will be no children saying they are bored; no adults wanting to sneak away and go home. If anything, you will be dreading when you must leave.

The next step is notifying family members about the upcoming reunion and advising them as to where the venue is. Consult the Family. Before you begin, consult with your family regarding any special requests or considerations such as preferred dates. To begin with, you must first make a list of all the members of your family. After you’re done making a list, make sure to call everyone personally and invite them on the date you plan to hold the get-together. A successful family reunion should be accessible to as many members of the family as possible. That means making sure the event is affordable to relatives who may be at different ages and stages of life –young families just starting out, seniors on fixed incomes, and everyone in between. Small reunions average one day. Larger reunions last about two or three days. You don’t want them to last too long. Your next reunion will benefit if you leave them wanting more. Next, if you are not covering the entire cost of the family reunion, find out how much the whole event will cost divide it by the number of attendees to get a cost per person for the family reunion. The resulting number is what each family needs to contribute per person.

Tips for planning the perfect Family Reunion

  1. Send out a questionnaire for planning input.
  2. Recruit and delegate tasks.
  3. Create a planning command center
  4. Build a budget.
  5. Prepare a backup plan.
  6. Communicate with attendees.
  7. Offer activities for everyone

The Horse Shoe Farm; Family Reunion Venue

The Horse Shoe Farm offers acres of fun and adventure for your family reunion. If you are looking for the perfect family reunion venue The Horse Shoe Farm has you covered. Contact us for more information today!