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Family reunions allow loved ones from around the globe to come together and reconnect. If your reunion will host several out-of-towners, The Horse Shoe Farm features several luxurious guest homes where guests can rest and relax after their travels.

Horse Shoe Farm is equipped to handle a multitude of events. From wellness retreats to wedding days! Eat food, be merry, and enjoy yourself during the holidays or any time you feel like having a get together.

Make memories with your family at The Horseshoe Farm. One of the greatest Family Reunion Accommodation Asheville NC.

If your family is with us at the Horseshoe Farm, you’re going to be filled with gratitude and serenity daily. The Horse Shoe Farm has several exciting event spaces waiting to be transformed for your family reunion.

The Best Family Reunion Accommodation Asheville NC

The Big Sky Barn, Sunset Barn and Stable House provide thousands of square feet of sheltered event space. The comforting atmosphere and welcoming environment is the greatest way to experience the gratitude that is important to us here at The Horseshoe Farm.

Nature is a great place to enjoy your time away from the world and with the ones closest to you. You’ll find plenty of nature here at the best Family Reunion Accommodation Asheville NC has to offer. When you’re watching the days go by and you’re still breathing, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for.

Contact us over the phone or online to determine what types of services your Family Reunion Accommodation Asheville NC will need. Visit our book now page or our contact page to see the depth in the variety of services we offer.

Call (828) 393-3034 and speak to one of the staff here at Horseshoe Farm that will be happy to help. Whatever you’re looking for we can help you get there at The Horseshoe Farm.