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Free Workshop! Simple Practices for Self Healing & Self Love

Self-Healing can be done simply, through beautiful, daily rituals of Self-Love

We Are Everything and Everything Is Us. When we are out of balance, we know it. But to bring ourselves back into balance we need to love ourselves enough follow the breadcrumbs and listen to what our body is trying to tell us. Healing is really up to us. We can go from one doctor to another, or from practitioner to practitioner, but when our diagnosis or disease “owns” us and becomes who we are, recovering our balance is most easily accomplished by stepping back, going deep, listening and taking responsibility for our self-care as we take the steps back to health.

You are invited to a free presentation and mini workshop with Asheville area Vibrational Healer, Myrrh de Marmion, to deeply connect with yourself and the beautiful frequency of love through Vibrational Healing, Sacred Sound, and Energy!

Come explore:

– Self-Healing: The term describes so many wonderful, (and many times, simple) ways to accomplish it! And it all comes from LOVE. What is it and how can we use it to increase our health and vitality? Let’s de-mystify Vibration, Vibrational Healing, Energy, Sound Healing, and all the other terms you’ve heard.
– We’ll talk about the history of Human Vibrational Healing, learn about our Biofield and Chakras/Energy Centers, what they are, what they do, why they are vitally important, and how we can support them so they can support us.
– Some new amazing devices that allow us to receive healing remotely, including one that allows us to see our Biofield and Chakras real-time: before, during and after an energy/sound healing.

And you’ll experience some really easy, really juicy exercises based in self-love and healing that you can use anywhere, to bring yourself back into the present moment, ease tension and anxiety.

– Dolphin Breath-our loving, finned friends know how to play and breathe, we’re going to take our cue from them!
– Activating specific Nadi points (energy meridians) to boost Endocrine health through breath and tapping
– Humming into anxiety and uncomfortable feelings
– And more

Advance free tickets only – NO TICKETS at the door. Two tickets per attendee. We ask that you limit attendance to ONE free presentation to keep space open for others to attend. Thanks for understanding!

This presentation introduces a 7-module workshop series: Vibrational Self Healing Through Self Love!

We’ll explore many fascinating topics about healing, how we can heal ourselves, and learn some valuable techniques to maintain abundant health, happiness and well-being.

Workshop series begins November 16, 2019, in Hendersonville, NC. You can attend one module or all seven. Attendees of this presentation will receive a 15% discount on the series. Full information on the series, topics, and registration at AND will also be available at this presentation. You may also email Myrrh with any questions at

Learn more about Myrrh and her work in this recent podcast interview with Sandra Miller of Bio Hacking Wellness:


Oct 25 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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