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Farm Animals & Gardens

The Horse Shoe Farm is home to a number of fuzzy and four-legged friends. And while cute, our livestock also play an important role in our farm’s ecosystem. Our animals contribute to this natural ebb and flow by regenerating our pastures, fertilizing, controlling pests, aerating compost and by consuming the by-products of our food preparation. In short, the various types of livestock found on the farm are revered for their contribution to what we enjoy at the table and for the integral role they play in the farm as a whole.

Our gardens reflect the fundamental practices of “sustainable agriculture,” beginning with the nurturing of the soils in our fields. Composted materials from our kitchens and “that which comes from the stables” are added to the fields to help nurture a new season’s crops. It’s this continuous cycle that we celebrate and continue here on the farm; a rhythm long maintained by our predecessors who have relied on the land for sustenance.

In our gardens you’ll find vegetables of all varieties, herbs, and even flowers all growing together. Our crops mimic the diversity found in nature meaning no two rows ever look the same. We even manage garden pests by promoting habitats for their predators. Instead of spraying chemicals, we plant various flowers that attract insects and let them do the work for us. In whole, we strive to align ourselves as good stewards of the land, allowing the natural biorhythm at play to work for our benefit and Mother Earth’s.