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Weekly Wellness Classes

Start your day off with a 20 minute wellness experience!
All classes are held in the Sanctuary unless otherwise noted.
Classes start at 9:00am

Tuesday – June 28
Angelic Healing
How to work with the angels and learn daily affirmations to tune into your Higher Self.

Wednesday – June 29
Vortex Meditation
Explore one of the positive vortexes on the Farm and connect to the land through meditation and visualization
Meet at The Stable Spa

Thursday – June 30
Mystery of the Gong
Learn about the instrument and experience the divine frequencies while immersed in a
mini gong bath

Friday – July 1
Louhan Body Tapping
Ancient way to awaken the energy systems in the body boosting your Qi or Life force energy

Saturday – July 2
Chakra Meditation
Learn and experience various methods of breathwork through the Chakras (energy centers)
to bring calmness yet energize the mind, body and spirit

*Classes are not appropriate for children under the age of 18
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