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Massage, Body Treatments, Energy Healings


Yoga, Meditation, Sound Baths, Movement


The Ultimate Refuge: Head in the Heavens, Feet on the Ground


Ground as you transmute and transform

Health & Wellness in the Blue Ridge Mountains

At The Horse Shoe Farm, we approach wellness with a deep-rooted gratitude for nature and what it can contribute to each guest’s life journey. Surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Farm provides a serene and inviting setting for self-discovery and enjoyment. We believe that just by being on the Farm, you will experience a heightened sense of connection to yourself and the environment. Here, it’s easy to let go of your worries and embrace a peaceful way of living.

One of the core values our Farm is built on, is wellbeing. For us, this means creating a mind-body balance and facilitating ways for the two to come together on a deeper level. Often times this connection happens during our healing yoga and movement classes in The Sanctuary.

Beyond diet and exercise, our vision is for you to experience a holistic approach to wellness. The programs we offer are designed to reflect and enhance this vision, whether that’s taking a moment of mindfulness at The Silo – our meditation space, or indulge in a healing, four-hands massage at The Stable Spa. Visitors to the Farm can drop in for the day or spend a whole week exploring a variety of spa and wellness options to help you to tune into your inner world, nourish and reset. We invite guests to treat their minds and bodies to yoga, nature walks, healing sessions, nutritious meals, and much more.

At the farm, there are several spaces designed for your wellness, personal growth and expansion during your stay. The Sanctuary provides an ideal space for group retreats, yoga, and workshops. Alternatively, one might “find themselves” winding their way through the farm’s Labyrinth. Whatever your spirit needs most, The Horse Shoe Farm will provide it. Our offerings are customizable, open to all guests and here to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Experience the joy of coming home to yourself, your body, your life.
This is where true wellness begins.
Let us share the ways of getting there.