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Body & Foot Treatments

Retreat And Renew Yourself At Our Hendersonville Spa

Our body and foot treatments enhance your massage experience with the perfect combination of indulgences that speak to all your sense.


Herbal Immersion Wrap – 75 Minutes, 105 Minutes
Elevate your experience here at The Stable Spa. Expand and immerse your senses while being nurtured by the deeply healing benefits of a herbal foot soak and organic essential oil / shea butter massage. You are then wrapped in coziness with warm basalt stone, neck & back warmers.

Crystal Body Treatment – 75 minutes
Coming soon!


Gem Elixir Foot Therapy – 60 Minutes
Water is essential to our healing. It is highly programmable so when crystals are added, the water is infused with all the magical energy that the crystals emit. The result is a Gem Elixir: a liquid crystal medium that you can bath in. Choose the crystal energy you desire: Calming: Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz Grounding: River rocks from Pisgah Forest and Clear Quartz Includes 30 minutes gem elixir soak and 30 minutes of reflexology.

Aroma Foot Therapy – 60 Minutes
Enjoy the view of the Pisgah mountain range as you soak your feet in a blissful aromatherapy foot bath. Choose from 3 organic essential oils. 30 minute foot soak with a 30 minute reflexology session.

Herbal Foot Therapy – 60 Minutes
Unwind and relax with our rosemary and mint herbal foot fizzer soak followed by 30 minutes of reflexology. A warm moisturizing herbal shea butter foot wrap ends your session. Pure bliss.

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