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Indulge Body And Soul In A
Western North Carolina Spa

Wellness, revitalization and natural enhancement are the hallmarks of every massage treatment at The Stable Spa. Transform tired muscles with our extensive menu of massages featuring a fusion of therapies from around the world. Our Spa massage treatments are personalized, professional, and tailored to alleviate stress, increase flexibility and promote wellness. Refresh, and recharge your mind, body and spirit at our tranquil Blue Ridge Mountain spa.



Integrated Wellness Massage – 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes, or 120 Minutes
This treatment is the ultimate in self-care. Using light to medium pressure, our highly skilled therapists will customize the perfect combination of relaxation and targeted work to address your needs. Elements of warmth are used such as steamed towels and back and neck warmers. Your sacred time also includes aromatherapy and a mini scalp massage. Take it to the next level, choose from a number of different enhancements such as warm basalt stones, sound therapy, Ayurvedic scalp oil and more.

Integrated Mountain Massage (Deep) – 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes
All the elements of the Integrated Wellness Massage but prefer firm to deep pressure. Modalities such as neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue work, Trigger Point therapy and myofascial release may be included in your session. Enhancements can be added or included such as warm basalt stones, reflexology, sound therapy, dry brushing and more.

Integrated Couples Massage – 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes
Enjoy any Integrated Wellness Massage with your partner, family member or friend in the same room. Enhancements are available such as reflexology, sound therapy, Ayurvedic scalp oil, and more can be added to make your time together extra special.


Four Hand Synergy Massage – 60 Minutes, 75 Minutes, 90 Minutes
For anyone wanting a truly exceptional massage experience. Two therapists creating a blend of deeply relaxing massage and bodywork techniques using the perfect level of pressure just for you. Feel your mind and body thoroughly unwind as the synergy of four hands provides profound relaxation and deep tissue release at the same time. Give your body the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation as you melt into a state of deep bliss. Session includes warm basalt stones. Note: 75 Minute treatment includes the choice of facial moisturizing treatment with scalp massage OR a warm moisturizing foot therapy with reflexology. 90 Minute treatment includes both the facial moisturizing treatment with scalp massage AND a warm moisturizing foot therapy with reflexology.

Sacred Lomi Lomi Massage – 60 Minutes
Sacred Lomi weaves ancient practices with heart-centered and powerful teachings to create a complete system of hands-on bodywork that integrates the physical, emotional and energetic. The flowing, circular runs nurture and embrace, clearing out the old patterns and awakening the divine in the physical being.

Tui Na Massage – 60 Minutes
Traditional East Asian massage is dynamic and deeply relaxing. Using a variety of classical strokes and techniques, Tui Na relaxes the muscles, releases tension, and assists the detoxification of tissues.

Pregnancy Massage – 60 Minutes
60 minute session specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs. Support you and your baby’s growing and changing bodies. This nurturing prenatal massage alleviates areas of extra pressure while gently calming the nervous system. (Massage cannot be performed until after the first trimester.)

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