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The Stable Spa Team

Meet the Team

The Stable Spa at The Horse Shoe Farm employees the very best talent in all fields of massage work and other body therapies. Read more about our current team members below!

Wendy Morrison

Wellness Director

Wendy Morrison is a Sacred Sound Therapist and Certified Crystal Healer with a passion for Sacred space clearing, Crystal healing and Mother Gaia. With over 20 years experience in the holistic field, Wendy utilizes her knowledge, certification, and experience in Quantum energywork, Vastu (Indian Feng Shui), Intermediate/Advanced Dowsing, Sound Therapy, Numerology and Crystals to make her space clearings one of a kind. Wendy has created and managed two holistic centers in the Midwest and is excited to share her gifts at the Stable Spa and Sanctuary. Her vision is to create a transformative experience with each interaction, treatment and class.

Tesa Anderson


Tesa’s intention is to provide completely customizable healing sessions by creating a balance between therapeutic specific massage while also supporting unwinding of the sympathetic nervous system. Her specialty is Deep Tissue while also able to incorporate Table Thai Stretches, Reflexology, Cranial Holds, Trigger Point work all resulting in a dynamic experience. As a avid mountain biker and yogini, she understands the importance of massage and how it integrates into a healthy lifestyle.

Nichole Falco


Nichole has a natural ability to connect to people. It is her dharma, life purpose, to teach, train and heal. In a class or session with Nichole you can expect to begin the journey of self discovery and healing. Her magic tools are Ayurveda and Yoga therapy. It is her passion to be a guiding light in the process of preparing and tending to the soil of soul. Nichole has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience years of teaching experience and 7 years of clinical experience working as a yoga therapist. She has studied with Dr. Vasant Lad in India. Her teaching styles are Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Krishnamacharya Yoga Therapy and Sri Vidya Tantra traditions. Whether Nichole is leading a consultation, or guiding a student through a class, students will always be encouraged to listen deeply to their bodies and honor their personal needs. To thy own self be true. Nichole is a lead trainer in all of the YVC Yoga and Ayurveda programs and holds certifications with Nama as a Certified Ayurvedic Heath Counselor, 900hr Clinical IAYT Board Certified Yoga Therapist, Pancha Karma Therapist and a ERYT certification trainer.

Angela Fuller


Angela Fuller started her spiritual journey as a social worker giving support to families and individuals with mental health disabilities. She incorporated various trainings and modalities in her work to help her clients as well as assist in her own healing. Angela senses outside a typical body range of human perception, beyond the veil, increasing awareness to the use of rays of light and sound frequency to heal. Angela uses combined energy healing modalities to tailor to each client’s experience. With her most recent studies being in LaHo Chi, she continues to advance her knowledge and skills. Angela will be offering her Advanced Angelic Healing modality here at The Stable Spa.

Gretta Grainger


Gretta Grainger feels massage is a language without words; an energetic dance between she and her client. By keeping her heart open and remaining present, Gretta is able to meet, lovingly, each client where they are, creating a safe space to heal in whatever way their body, mind and spirit might need. Her integrative massage is Esalen-inspired and adjusted to meet each client’s needs, whether it be therapeutic massage, deep tissue, Reflexology, or Biodynamic Cranial Touch.

Hanna Mathis


Hanna’s yoga journey began in 2016 when she sought out alternative methods to cope with anxiety. After receiving her Bachelors degree in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, her love for travel and for teaching inspired her to join a yoga teacher training program at The Mystical Yoga Farm in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. This experience shaped her practice in a unique and unforgettable way. By living off the land and increasing her knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, the body, and meditation, she began to develop an even deeper understanding of the practice. Hanna is a WNC native and has worked in many studios in the Waynesville and Asheville area. In addition to teaching high school Spanish, she enjoys being outdoors in the beautiful mountains and soaking up all that Mother Nature has to offer. Her classes bring an authenticity to the mat that helps her students connect mind, body, and soul while bringing yoga to a personal level.

Julie Patton


Julie’s goal is to create a positive impact on her clients’ health and support them in their journey of wellness. With her fluid motion and comforting style she aims to help her clients feel both physically and emotionally rejuvenated. Her integrative massage is heavily influenced by the flow style of Lomi Lomi forearm massage that blends beautifully with her naturally rhythmic, yet therapeutic style. She has a knowledge of and passion for many different specialties, including deep tissue, myofascial techniques, Swedish, cupping, and stretching to calm, reset, and relax the body.

Taishan Stone


Taishan Stone L.Ac. MAOM, has been practicing East Asian healing arts for over a decade. His practice is rooted in the classical Chinese medical arts of Qigong, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tui Na, and fate calculation. Recognizing the strengths of both modern and traditional medicine, Taishan tailors treatment to the individual; treating both the root and the branch of disease for comprehensive care.

Dan & Mariana Watson

Therapist Team

Soon after Dan & Mariana were married in 2010, they were inspired to merge their massage talents and offer a rare and unique four handed massage experience. Together they work as a team, gracefully synchronizing and blending their techniques of trigger point, deep tissue, myofascial release, and energy work. They also enjoy educating clients on how to accomplish pain relief through self-treatment. Clients often describe a profoundly relaxing experience from the Synchonicity massage that allows their minds to completely let go. In this state of deep letting go, both therapists are able to more effectively release muscle tension and restore balance in the body. Dan and Mariana are both graduates of the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork.