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Transformative Therapy

Wellness Treatments In A Hendersonville, NC Spa

Your worries will start slipping away in the warmth and peaceful beauty of the restored barn. Tension begins to melt as you’re guided into your private stall. You take a cleansing breath as you ease into your plush robe and slippers. The transformation continues with your pampering Stable Spa treatment.


BioDynamic Cranial Touch – 60 Minutes
This hands on modality is a gentle and subtle experience as the therapist uses your breath as a guide to palpate the different levels of stillness within the client. The breath unfolds throughout numerous layers within the body. This process expresses a deep treatment plan in order to resolve the resistance found within the body. The resistance stems from unresolved trauma created by life experiences becoming encapsulated within the human system.

Cranial Tuning – 75 Minutes
A treatment like no other. You will experience extraordinary blissfulness with the combination of Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and Sound Therapy. Two therapists hold you in a sacred space as they focus on your energy field, breath and central nervous system. CST and Sound Therapy together create a sacred space for your mental, physical, and emotional bodies to release old patterns and start you on your path to self-discovery.

Intuitive Energy Therapy – 60 Minutes
Experience a deep state of relaxation, rest and recovery from accumulation of stress with integrative hands-on energetic clearing processes. Intuitive Energy Therapy is known for enhancing your body’s natural ability for physical and emotional clearing, psychological insight, and spiritual awareness. Energy modalities may include LaHo-Chi, Angel Light, Reiki, Deeksha, etc. Your practitioner will also share with you any insights, impressions or visions they may receive during your session.

Crystalline Sound Therapy – 60 Minutes
This powerful one hour sound session aligns and balances your chakras and energy field while surrounded in a crystal matrix. Crystal are intuitively chosen just for you and placed on and around your body. Sound instruments such as Solfeggio tuning forks and tuners, crystal pyramid, and gong are amplified by the crystal energies and create a space of transformation and bliss.

Energy Vitality Therapy – 60 Minutes
Immerse yourself in the vibration and frequency of Solfeggio tones. Tuning fork therapy to balance the chakras on both front and back of the body. Body tuners, which are vibratory forks to be felt on the body, are strategically used to loosen fascia and instill calmness. The sound forks are played in each ear and around the body’s energy field to find any imbalance(s).

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