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Nature is the divine facet of our reality. Through appreciation and extending of gratitude towards it, we are met with open arms and a river of calm to draw from. Drink in the miracle of the Blue Ridge at the best Yoga Retreat Asheville NC has to offer, The Horseshoe Farm. You’ll know you’re home the moment you arrive, and you can take that feeling with you after a session of rejuvenation in our one of a kind locations.

The day to day can be a mirror of Sisyphus’ plight, but at this yoga retreat Asheville NC can set aside the boulder and look down from the hill always being climbed. We know the effort that it takes to push that boulder up hill. You can find many ways to take the load off here at The Horseshoe Farm. We heal every visitor that arrives in any one of our homes, which can be browsed here. You know the difference in relaxation and rejuvenation after one yoga session at Horseshoe.

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Join us at the SILO for a head in the heavens and feet in the clouds experience. Heal yourself and your loved ones with a stay at the best Yoga Retreat Asheville NC has to offer. We have a limitless supply of sights and sounds of the Blue Ridge to immerse yourself in. Feel the mountain air and enjoy the sunshine with our customizable offerings. You’ll find the joy in coming home to yourself, your body and your life. Experience the best the Blue Ridge has to offer at this Yoga retreat Asheville NC.

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Contact us in whatever way is most convenient for you. You can use our contact page, as well as our stay with us page for an overview of the available homes and activities etc. The Horseshoe farm is truly one of the best Yoga Retreat Asheville NC has to offer.