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Luxury Accommodations in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Winding through the Blue Ridge Mountains, the third oldest river in the world glides gently down the path she’s so carefully carved over millions of years. Knowing that every journey is not without twists and turns, she gracefully navigates in the direction of freedom, relishing in the legacy of her shores along the way. But as she flows towards Hendersonville, North Carolina, she gets excited, the gentle trajectory of her heirloom waters change, and she is overcome with a sense of arrival.  She’s upon her favorite spot.  She zigs and zags, riding the distinct horseshoe arc she once sculpted into her banks. She rounds it out, overjoyed, and continues on her way, embracing this symbol of good fortune in an area unlike any other.

Some say it’s the luckiest bend in the French Broad River – but we know it to be true. It is here, nestled on the tail end of her fortuitous creation, that the The Horse Shoe Farm gets its name.

Offering over eighty acres of pristine river front farmland, a selection of individual guest homes, stables, and event venues, The Horse Shoe Farm is a retreat unlike any other.  Located in the heart of Western North Carolina, minutes from Hendersonville, Asheville, and Tryon, The Horse Farm is waiting to share its magic with you.


Learn the lay of the land.




A tribute to a bygone era.


Asheville, Hendersonville, and Western North Carolina, a year-round destination.


From Miami to the mountains, and everything in between.


Peacefully secluded while in the center of it all.